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The impact of obesity on women's health

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Endocrine disorders: obesity, endocrine disorders Er Shi Yi women more fat or even too much fat cells inside and outside the uterus infertility (sperm and ovum implantation difficult)

Cancer: Obese women have endometrial, gallbladder, cervical, ovarian and breast tumor parts of the higher probability.

Skin diseases: obesity often suffer from measles for grinding, good hair in the head, armpits, genital and other skin creases between stocks, resulting in a red itchy eczema. And often in the waist, thighs, etc. kind of lined stretch marks appear, called the fat pattern, is due to the rapid growth of dermal tissue generated when the fracture. In addition, because cardiac hypertrophy, venous blood returning slow block, but also easily lead to varicose veins.

Diabetes: Obesity can cause excessive secretion of insulin in the blood, the more serious of the obese, the higher the concentration of fasting insulin, and insulin secretion after eating can not be relatively higher, so the formation of the phenomenon of elevated blood sugar. And was found that the more fat cells in those of their less insulin receptor, or receiving insulin prone to problems, so obese people will increase the risk of diabetes. If weight loss would improve the blood sugar irregularities.

Hypertension: Insulin secretion and insulin action to reduce the excess is to facilitate the reasons for high blood pressure, and high concentration of insulin would enhance sodium ions through the recovery and sympathetic to promote a high frequency of blood formation. If weight loss, due to systemic blood flow, stroke volume and a reduction in sympathetic roles, so blood pressure often also under the cut.

Cardiovascular disease: obesity, combined with blood fats are mostly high concentration of cases, so prone to thrombosis, accelerated vascular porridge-like changes, likely to cause, including coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, ischemic heart disease and so on ... disease. Study also showed that if the maintenance of ideal weight, you can reduce cardiovascular disease, congestive heart failure and the incidence of cerebral embolism.

Joint Disease: Because obese people need to bear the weight of the bone joints large, it is easier to make joint aging, injury to be osteoarthritis.

Lipid metabolic disorder: high blood lipids may affect the body to bring the rate of cholesterol to the liver is to increase heart disease risk factors.

Gallbladder and pancreatic diseases: obesity excess body fat, resulting in increased synthesis of cholesterol, the bile cholesterol supersaturation was conducive to cholesterol stone formation.

Respiratory dysfunction (asthma): obesity, caused by thickening of the chest wall and abdominal fat, so that decline in lung capacity, vital capacity reduction to affect the normal pulmonary ventilation function. And because hypoventilation may cause an increase in red blood cell disorder, caused by blood clots. In severe cases, pulmonary hypertension may occur, heart expansion and infarct heart failure. Because fat accumulation may also affect the activities of tracheal cilia so that it can not function properly

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