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Menstrual disorders and weight-loss

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Now, not only to pay homage to Christina girl right fit, and even middle-aged Ms unwilling, have eager. Weight-loss drug, diet foods, diet tea, slim cream came into being, advertising overwhelming, head descend quickly. A considerable number of people will slim graceful, recognized as a sign of female beauty the deliberate pursuit of lean body shape. As a result, some girls are willing to empty stomach all day, Luk Luk, diet to lose weight, individual waste water into a youthful girl so ill, suffering from anorexia nervosa syndrome.


One of the dangers of excessive weight loss, it is possible to cause menstrual disorders, severe cases can cause amenorrhea.


People long ago discovered that a very thin ballerina or a gymnast, age of menarche is often delayed. In their middle, amenorrhea, and monthly through the small incidence much higher than ordinary people. Studies have shown that a certain minimum weight, height, representing the critical lean / fat ratio, for menstrual cramps and to maintain a regular ovulatory cycle is necessary. When a woman lost 10% -15% of body weight, or lose her body fat, 1 / 3 will have a menstrual disorder or amenorrhea.


For nearly a century, women gradually advance the age of menarche. Some statistics, in Western countries, the age of menarche from 1850 onwards, almost every 10 years, 4 months in advance is necessary. For example, Norway is located in Northern Europe, 19th century 4O years the average age of menarche of girls 17 years old, but after a century, has been moved up to 13.5 years of age. Beijing 1963-1964 with 1979 - 1980 Comparison of the two surveys, 16 years earlier O.8-year-old.


Early age at menarche for this woman, why? Some scholars believe that may be related to nutrition, health, housing, lighting and other social conditions. They are more of the same country in both rural and urban girls, menarche age, the results persuasive. Madras in India, urban girls, the first time via an average of 12.8 years, compared with 14.2 years of age in rural areas. In the primitive conditions of life or extreme poverty, female menarche is also long overdue, such as the Pacific island of New Guinea for 18 years, the South African urban blacks was 14.5 years, the Inuit, the Eskimos was 13.8 years old. During World War II, Eurasia growing and becoming more everywhere, hungry, die of hunger everywhere, girls age of menarche was significantly delayed.


View of this, nutritional factors have a major impact on the sexual maturity. Some people living in the Arctic Circle Lapps were investigated retrospectively. Lapp reindeer husbandry for their livelihood for generations, from 1870 to 1930 between their way of life and nutritional status, diet basically not changed, so no obvious age of menarche in advance.


It was also carried out experiments with animals and found that continues to low-protein diet fed rats, when the weight dropped to 8% below normal levels when the adult female rat's estrus cycle will stop. As a further given high-protein diet, will re-emergence of female estrus cycle.


After in-depth study of the scientists finally found such a rule: For the United States and Europe girls, despite the early age of menstruation in the past 100 years, significant changes have taken place, but the influx of young girls when the village has always been to maintain body weight at 47 kg, This prompted the launch puberty seems to trigger the body weight.


The United States has reported a very interesting case, which is a height of 169.2 centimeters female swimmer of her 7-year-old started training, menarche occurred at 15.4 years of age, but after few months, the cycle interval is 6 months. The female athletes body very thin, weighs only 48.9 kilograms, according to her height to calculate the standard weight of 82.5%, compared with the menstrual cycle, according to the laws necessary for important body of 21 kg less.


Doctors advised her that you should increase your weight, otherwise it will be out of view head by the disorder. Although her vision of doctors to persuade skeptical, but the increase in appetite so that weight of 23 kg, resulting in menstruation; while in the next month, she tried to soften the 2.3 kg of body weight, the result does not occur again menstruation.


To sum up that female age at menarche to advance the reason for this is due to social, nutritional, and health conditions have improved in all aspects, so that menarche appears necessary due to the critical weight, achieved in advance. If you are a little daily attention, may also be found in moderately obese compared with lean girls rock girls, early menstruation; malnourishment Division has been delayed menarche. Weight below the critical weight girls, anorexia can often lead to amenorrhea.


Scientists explained that, because women's breasts, abdomen, greater omentum, and bone marrow of long bones in the adipose tissue, can become a male hormone estrogen, so estrogen fat tissue is an important extragonadal source. The amount of adipose tissue can directly affect the body control the menstrual cycle, endocrine regulation. A certain height of the lightest weight, the body can represent the critical lean / fat ratio. Women should be to maintain this low ratio, while maintaining enough body fat. To the normal menstrual cycle.


Of course, for more than look at this, the medical industry is still controversial. In addition, the speed through weight or weight gain to predict the age of menarche, but also very difficult. However, we thus see that the super-skinny, fragile the "Lin Tai-yu," were by no means a model of modern bodybuilding the contrary, weight control, bone-ching Shenxiu, radiant can be able to show that women charm.


Message innocent girls, must not be blind to lose weight, to maintain your lean / fat ratio in order to maintain healthy

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