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I used to come to menstruation is very accurate, why are not allowed to get marr

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And has been three times, and every time I thought it was pregnant, it is because children are not allowed to now want to count are not allowed to ovulation, may I ask, how can I do? My periods are a few super-15-10 days, how can we better know the ovulation period?

Hope can help me find a simple method of operation at home, thank you


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Menstrual period is subject to hormonal influence relatively large, and you all aspects of married life before marriage with different hormone secretion is different, so menstrual certainly been affected to varying degrees, this is normal, you have to re-establish their own menstrual period, which requires patience and time. If a hurry to have children, they roughly estimate it, menstruation is 14 days before the ovulation day, ovulation day 4,5 days after 4,5 days is possible, and you are not allowed to menstruation, it would make more trouble to do more work Kung Fu has. . . Bless you

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