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Does a guy really want to marry with a virgin?

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Considering the fact that most guys aren't virgins and would compare her to other sexual partners? I'm a 20 (15 in a couple of months) year old virgin and up until today, I planned on staying a virgin until I was married. Lets face it...a majority of guys are not virgins! They lose their virginity as young as 11 years old and act like sex is something they can't live life happily without! It's frustrating having my values in such an over sexed society! I feel like when you move in with someone you're not married to and you're having sex with them, it takes away the excitement and mystery of marriage because it's like you've already been doing most of the things a marriage consists of before you married that person. Of course if you're a virgin and your husband is the only man you've ever had sex with, you're not going to know whether he is "good or bad". I honestly am curious as to what it would be like to experience sexual activities with different people who have different styles when it comes to expressing themselves that way, but I don't want to be like everyone else in that way. The guys spoke about sex like it's just something physical saying things like "What if you marry her and she's not good at sex?" or "I would have to have sex with her before I got married to her because I need to be pleased." I think it's so much more than that. You're allowing yourself to be vulnerable and exposing yourself regardless of your insecurities to please someone else. That's a really intimate connection not something you should just do with anyone.


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yes,do it what you want

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