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Father has sleep apnea syndrome, sleep, suffocating a fairly long time, heartach

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My father has sleep apnea syndrome, sleep, suffocating when the time is long, we are sad!

Father, 58-year-old, partial fat, fatty liver, in order to the family has been very painstakingly, and now poor physical fitness, at least for sub-health, but above all let us worry about is sleep apnea, using a breathing machine also ineffective! Who knows what the treatment of advanced methods or recipe? Health care products, or regimen, or Letting Them Buddha Sutra Printing? In short, Please! Thank you!

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The top three hospitals have a very big dimethyl treatment, 90% of patients are cured, many nights homes, the first night to do a sleep test, and then test the hospital told you My father arranged with a small surgical procedure (removal of nasal mast, etc. ), and now the treatment of sleep apnea syndrome, are quick and easy

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