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64-year-old father's chest often men Tong, has inspected endoscopy, ECG, blood n

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Hello, this patient is considered myocardial ischemia, the common causes of illness may also Yousheng rational reason may be, pathologic, and whether the patient has high blood pressure high blood lipids such as cervical spondylosis caused by myocardial ischemia, as well as other chronic conditions physiological in nature, whether because of work pressure in patients with a recent large, lack of sleep, tiredness, bad mood, etc. All these factors may cause these patients are not, it is recommended in patients under the combined under the comprehensive consideration of their own. If the symptoms are not particularly serious, suggested that we first observed by the main. If the symptoms are serious proposals to do the appropriate checks and timely treatment to see and do targeted therapies, the condition changes of attention to follow-up



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