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Low immunity, poor health, frequent colds what nursed back to health?

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Low immunity, poor health, frequent colds what nursed back to health? As soon as the weather changes, it is easy to cold, and then cause inflammation of the tonsils, upper respiratory tract infection, cough. .


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Easy cold fact that the nasal respiratory function resulting from the decline. Directly to their own good conditioning nose, to prevent what it basically is not a cold.


   Every day we breathe, the air itself is floating in a lot of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens, and these pathogenic bacteria through our continually breathe into our nose in the. However, under normal circumstances, nasal own detoxification systems to 15 to 30 minutes will be delivered to the nasopharyngeal pathogen Department, and eventually into the stomach to digest. At this point the number of virus in the nasal immune system is always maintained within the range of affordable, so we would not be sick.

   But when the trigger factors such as cold, rain, fatigue, etc. The detoxification function of the nasal cavity appears to reduce the virus can be a long stay in the nasal cavity. At this point the virus can breed out the nasal immune system can not withstand the amount of virus, the virus invades the human body will be big, we have also got a cold. (During menstruation, pregnant women, as well as the more obvious manifestations of rhinitis, that is easier to cold.) Later, a larger base of the virus in nasal cavity, the virus growth in the number of faster, so a lot of the virus began to spread to other parts of the body, when systemic symptoms of influenza began to show out.

   Therefore, when a cold nose to serve as a stronghold of the role of the virus. As long as we continue to flush the nasal cavity with warm salt water, a little red nose of the time, to maintain smooth nose, large amounts of virus, cleared out the nose, fewer and fewer virus invades the human body. Eventually the virus in the nasal cavity can be reduced to the number of nasal immune system able to respond to the range. Meanwhile, the body's immune system will soon enter the body to kill the virus.

   Therefore, their nose to buy a yoga washing pots, warm salt water will be poured into them, so that water under the guidance of gravity, slowly dipping each tender nose organizations to eliminate the virus in the nasal cavity, and other harmful substances. O'clock in the cold with warm salt water rinse your nose with a little nose on the red one, to keep the nasal cavity there is no extra smooth nose and nose can be a fundamental solution to viruses. So that method has been applied can be cured within 2-4 days cold, and did not take any drugs. Sooner or later, or usually wash the nose after sneezing in a row can do much to prevent a cold, which greatly reduce the risk of a cold. Since washing the nose is a lot containing the bacteria directly into the nose into the sewer, it can greatly reduce the emission to the air in the cold by the number of viruses can also be significantly reduced with the flu are people exposed to the risk of colds.

  At the same time people are sick because of flu and cold process of the same, but the different types of the virus. So the method can also be flu-like symptoms while reducing the treatment of influenza and prevention of influenza, are applicable to a variety of influenza.


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