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Left lobe of the thyroid nodule solid

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Please help us to see a doctor ultrasound results:

Female, 51 years old

Thyroid size and shape can still be, the surface is still smooth, left lobe of exploration and a number of solid mass, and the larger is about 2.4 * 1.8cm, irregular shape, echo uneven, border Naokiyo, I echo is still even in real terms. CDFI: mass flow signals within the visible.

Concluded that the left lobe of multiple solid nodules.

My mother in 2008, when examination of thyroid cyst doctor said yes, when the tumor has also said it is not done puncture. Medical examination in November 2009 that left lobe of the thyroid nodule 2.3 * 1.5cm, 10 years early in March to get a medical report, March 22 went to check, B super-above findings. Doctors said the tumor may not be some kind of thyroiditis, to arrange for surgery.

Experienced doctors are invited to help look down, do this in serious condition, family members are very anxious, not sure. I read a lot of information that are less likely to malignant thyroid tumors, but also have the possibility of ah. My mother's situation serious? Also in November 2009 a medical report that the liver coarse particles, this situation is how it's going on


Seek medical help answer may be an additional scores! !

Questions added: her health is not very good, physical examination Shihai detect neutropenia, mild anemia, high blood pressure a bit, but usually is not serious eating antihypertensive drugs. There is good leg bone hyperplasia, often said that leg pain. Has also always said, tired, fatigue, weakness, this problem with the relationship between the liver do? Alas


best answer


Multiple thyroid nodules, first consider the nodular goiter, the choice of surgical or non-surgical fashion controversial, there is no uniform standard, in general, if the mass causing discomfort or influence a larger appearance, or the rich and associated with tumor blood flow calcification, it may prompt a vicious, you need surgery.

The patients present situation, if the fear of malignant lesions possible, surgery, if not resolved, you can take euthyrox 3 months, B super-follow-up mass continues to increase, considering surgery, tumor shrink operation can be postponed. If there is no change, then another 3 months of oral euthyrox, such as can not be reduced, should surgery


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