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It is healthiest how long each meal is eaten

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It is healthiest how long each meal is eaten

A lady in Wuhan has a dinner and " gobbles up" because of the long-term, only have a dinner for about 5 minutes each time equally, cause esophagus is it wriggle function is unable to promote food swallow normally to lose already. The west courtyard district of Beijing of Beijing Chaoyang hospital digests head of the department of internal medicine Zhang Chuan and tells the reporter, having meal will make food unable to carry on abundant chewing fast too, the meal with higher particle coarseness , temperature, very easy to damage itself on fragile esophagus skin at the mucous membrane very , make it broken and routed, cause the acute inflammation. If the cover on the esophagus of inflammation forms the scar, will obviously influence its normal movement function, it is not at all surprising that the situation of swallowing the difficulty appears.

If think that it is only " little trouble " to swallow the difficulty , esophagitis, the quickly , food temperature of the speed is high and apt to bring out the cancer of the esophagus to be a big problem that has a meal . Henan forest state hotspot of cancer of the esophagus, and people , state of forest , have a meal fast , overheated to have certain relation food.

Certainly, is it it chews carefully and swallow slowly to be slow and good to have a dinner , digest digestive ferment of food is it secrete peak to have, generally within more than ten minutes, the density of the digestive ferment reaches the best food to digest and order in secreting peaks , help the resolving and absorbing of the nutrition element. If it is oil to eat bigger food, receive the stimulus of the fat, the bile will be arranged from gallbladder in the intestines quickly, concentrate on digesting the fat. But the meal time is too long, the bile will be entered in the intestines " by stages and in groups, if the bile is not enough in quantity , might not fully digest the fat , apt to pile up the fat, cause the fat . Thus , having meal too fast or slowly may cause the fat . Director Zhang proposes , the time that every meal chews carefully and swallow slowly is best in about twenty or thirty minutes, this refers to the time to chew , swallowing really, push the cup to change one , time to chat in not including having a meal .

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