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How do I with three meals a day

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After the people's standard of living improve, with special emphasis on children's diet, and some parents force their children to eat too much high-sugar high-fat high-protein foods, and some kids with their own wishes for their favorite food more than eating, excessive caloric intake, resulting in excess nutrients, there have been many small fat. But increases in some children, partial eclipse partial to drink, likes to eat "snacks." Some even bring snacks as a staple, resulting in malnutrition, the body thin. Appeared in the so-called "bean sprout" shape. How the child's nutritional it reasonable? On this issue we interviewed Zhenjiang Riverside Hospital nutritionist off a new anti-yan.

Sun nutritionists tell us that the child growth and development stage, the need for adequate nutrition, the average child at the age of 10 after the needs of nutrition and calories are basically close to political parties, adult level of about 2300 calories a day and kcal or so, the maintenance of child grows up development of essential nutrients around the protein in about 2300 kcal. But common foods contain protein per 100 grams of rice to 7.8 grams, the standard flour, 9.9 grams, 4.7 grams tofu, kind of material do is to lean mostly in the 10 g - 20 grams, fish are generally in the 20 grams of pure milk protein content can be as high as 26.2 grams.

She said that both boys and girls ,7 - 10-year-old need to heat about 2,000 kilocalories per day, 0 - 3-year-old need to heat about 2,000 kilocalories per day, protein requirements were 60 grams and 70 grams, so that the standard Nutritional more scientific and reasonable, basically playing to the growth and development, and too much or too little of the children are negative.

Their children three meals a day of total calories comparison, according to the region's living habits and science with the general Breakfast accounts for 25%, lunch 40%, dinner 35%, do not want to eat according to a regular morning, noon, to eat well at night to eat less.

In accordance with the correct calculation, one-year-old child, early, middle and late protein intake were 15 grams, 24 grams and 21 grams. Breakfast staple food products, such as 1.5 2, 200 ml of milk, eggs one, such as do not drink milk, can increase an egg; lunch staple food products 2.5 2, meat dish type .5 2 - 2 2 (including chicken, fish, meat, etc.) , vegetarian Class 3 - 4 2, plus two or three things increase consumption of fruit a day, according to the child's age, the increase or decrease accordingly, so that children are unfavorable.

Children's nutrition, basically satisfied

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