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Five Elements vegetable soup can really prevent cancer?

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Intense and busy city life, people often lose sight of dietary requirements. In fact, from the morning you drink the first cup of water a day, eating life is already begun. Different colors of vegetables contain what kind of nutrition? How early in the evening meals to meat and vegetables with a reasonable? In order for you to stay away from the discomfort caused by dietary errors or even illness, living at home Xiaobian carefully collecting all kinds of diet for your health information and custom design part of your healthy eating!


In 2012, the reporter often heard their friends mention the "Five Elements vegetable soup." It was every day on the market to buy fresh ingredients on a pot of boiling, qualify to buy the spot on the daily cooking. Almost all drinking friends, each treasured, like find a recipe for health.


According to online information, so long as the Five Elements vegetable soup to drink in the first half, high blood pressure, heart disease, hepatitis, etc. were all able to cure cancer is the most important role, was also emphatic in saying that they drink this soup, after on the stool smooth, refreshing. Five Elements vegetable soup really have such a magical effect? To this end, the reporter an interview with a question mark in Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine First Affiliated Hospital, Oncology Professor Lin Lizhu large.


Five Elements vegetable soup really do prevent cancer?


Experts say: There are many anti-cancer food, no need to superstition, the five vegetables.


Reporter on the Internet a search, not search do not know, a search give you a jump, a number of health Web sites and television stations on the five elements praise vegetable soup, even Baidu Wikipedia are largely quoted in this pamphlet.


The so-called five elements vegetable soup, referring to the Japanese invented by a professor with the white radish leaves, carrot, burdock, white radish, mushrooms and soup made of water evaporation. According to sources, the five kinds of material is from his study found that more than 1500 kinds of anti-cancer drugs, screening out, and the five kinds of material for their own green, red, yellow, white, black and five kinds of colors, wood, fire , earth, gold, water, the five elements to nourish the five internal organs Wu Fu, respectively, it claimed that the five elements Vegetable soup can cure cancer and other diseases.


From a single species of food, the five elements of the material of choice vegetable soup indeed have a very high nutritional value, is very beneficial to the body. Such as white radish can shun gas, aid digestion, Xuanfei lower gas; mushrooms can be righting, strengthen immunity; carrots contain high levels of carotene, can be eyesight, strengthen immunity, anti-aging; burdock with heat, Liyan, phlegm and other effects.


Experts LIN Li-zhu watched "Five Elements Vegetable Soup", the view that although it is rich in vitamins, minerals, long-term consumption of strengthening the immune system, increase appetite, have a certain effect, but the ingredients for the treatment of diseases, there are limitations basically there is no medicinal value, can only be regarded as general health soup and said it could treat cancer is even more absurd.


She believes that the current research findings were able to have a lot of anti-cancer foods, such as cabbage contain more trace elements molybdenum, can inhibit the synthesis of nitrite rubber, has a certain anti-cancer effect; mushrooms low-heat energy, high protein, high fiber , to prevent high cholesterol, constipation and cancer have a good effect and so on. People do not need blind faith these five vegetables, and usually you can try cooking other vegetables such as onions, tomatoes also have anti-cancer effect.


Five Elements vegetable soup every day, drink enough?


Experts say: people should not regularly drink spleen deficiency.


Since access to the five elements into the Colombian booklet vegetable soup every day with 1 / 4 white radish, 1 / 4 bundle white radish leaves, 1 / 2 carrots, 1 / 4 burdock, 1-2 dried mushrooms, add vegetables 3 times the amount of water to the fire boil, simmer for 1-2 hours micro-method of cooking soup of his health. Miss Liu is also a vegetable soup five elements loyal fans, in addition to their daily drink, but also enthusiastically introduced to the close relatives and friends, their own experiences to say, "After the results are really good drink."


This vegetable soup every day, drink an impact on the body? "If there are no other discomfort after drinking, it is no problem. But not too much to drink, to burn three or four times a week is enough, and drink plenty of useless (such as the ingestion of excessive carotene will be allergic to). "LIN Li-zhu explained," The reason why some people feel after drinking the soup smooth body, physical markedly improved, is because people with high-protein high-fat diet-based, nutritional imbalance, and many people easy to dry mouth, dry stool, triggering a variety of health problems, drink the soup can be enough to ensure that people intake of vegetables. As the plant fiber can promote gastrointestinal motility, combined with white radish can promote digestion, burdock may facilitate heat, so It enables people to remain stool smooth, timely row out of human waste. "


However, people should not drink five elements Spleen vegetable soup. Professor Lin Lizhu pointed out that the spleen are often tongue thick, pale, body fat, often poor appetite, Shenpi fatigue, bowel pond rotten. Because of their temper wasting, usually pond has often appeared thin stool, diarrhea, especially after eating greasy food significantly increased stool frequency, this time also drink vegetable soup, then reference to the five elements will further increase the pond leaked stool symptoms of fatigue more easily sleepiness.


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