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Calculus on the issue of cleaning

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Recently, when I went to dental examination, doctors found that I had a lot of calculus, so clean. He is not the kind of scaling with ultrasonic devices to help me wash, but manually using specialized equipment to help me wash, and that is a way to help me put a tooth drilled out of calculus, he said that this ultrasound than that good. Then I would like to ask, in fact, that is good? What little damage to the teeth, which can better cleaning of the calculus? ?


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Gingival margin was mainly part of the many foreign bodies are not clear for a long, long time to stimulate the growth of bacteria caused by; additional growth would have more or less with age, atrophy, so that root exposure, this is called physiological atrophy is not take care. And then there are improper left after-effects of dental surgery. To keep clean is slow gingival recession of the most effective way to regularly scaling also appears to be particularly important. Inflammation of the gums shrink, mainly for the red, swollen gums pain, common bleeding when brushing. The old gingival recession often makes teeth exposed in a very hot and cold temperature changes and is extraordinarily sensitive to acidic food, etc., hinder eating, lowering quality of life, in particular should pay attention to prevention and treatment.


1, to develop good oral hygiene practices. Should be used in line with the national anti-tooth-recommended toothpaste and toothbrush. Brush your teeth 2-3 times a day, an essential pre-sleep at night. In no time, or inconvenient when brushing, mouthwash can be used to replace, in some special occasions, the mouth can be soup or tea, in order to maintain oral hygiene.


2, control inflammatory Cavity. Periodontitis, dental calculus, mouth ulcers, gingivitis, gum abscess, food impaction, and not appropriate as dentures, are to stimulate the gums caused by shrinkage of the reasons, it should be on a regular basis to the hospital for examination and treatment, and conduct of oral self-care knowledge of counseling; the already shrinking gums, you can also surgery.


3, treatment lead to gingival recession senile systemic disease. Such as endocrine disorders can lead to gingival recession; anemia and a lack of vitamin C, easily bleeding gums; diabetics prone to inflammation of the mouth; leukemia and other serious diseases can also cause gingival recession. Primary disease in the cure, the gingival recession also will be improved.


4, prevent environmental pollution. Arsenic, lead poisoning can lead to periodontitis, gum edema, and gingival recession, it should pay attention to their work and life quality of the environment and avoid exposure to toxic substances.


5, diet. Cooked lean meat, or raw land wolfberry, Rehmannia, Ginger of 15 grams of boiled eggs, on the prediction and treatment of periodontal disease, good results can be long-term consumption.


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