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What is the purpose of the pipe?

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I recently have purchased a pipe for "tobacco" smoking. I did not notice until I got it home however that it was different from any pipe I have ever seen. The base is thick and powder-coated solid blue. The material feels like some kind of metal, or ceramic, as it is tough and heavy. You have a normal looking steel bowl on the top, but then there is another bowl that screws on to the normal bowl. This bowl is made of the same blue material as the pipe, with an inlaid steel bowl thats holding what looks to be a small piece of pumice or something, sitting where you would normally put a screen. . I was just wondering if this has any special purpose, or if this is anything anybody has heard of.

This piece is threaded and screws into the regular bowl, so they sit one right atop the other


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Put the crack on the top bowl (and crack / cocaine "melts" when smoked) and it melts down into the other bowl so you don't lose any.

* I Am not a (and have never been) a crack smoker.
Know several unfortunate people who do though

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