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Headaches, help!

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The 23-year-old, in March 2009 had a miscarriage, postpartum two weeks began to ride the tram to work, early in April wind, then busy with his work and began a headache, in particular, to focus on when the back of the head stretched very tight, as if nervous Fast broken like.

The doctor said the vascular neuralgia, carbamazepine and oryzanol opened adhere to eat for a week and no longer hurt.

From the second half of 2009 to the present, work was tense, under pressure, with the brain a lot of pain for several months.


Do not know why in the end is the work pressure, or a postpartum headache caused by the wind, If you go to hospital for an examination, is not linked neurological? If it is caused by post-natal wind, medicine conditioning is not better?


best answer


May hang neurology

Post-partum is not a medical term by the wind, Western medicine, said there is no such a, it is important to identify the cause, the general effect of traditional Chinese medicine for headache is not obvious


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