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Cardiac sudden lancinating

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Is not very often it, each time a sudden lancinating left chest, where the next, also a few seconds of time, it is an illness like to ask the next Yao?

PS. I am now second year students, would not be and learn stress-related?


best answer


I had the same experience with you again, but they age much better than you big.

The fact is that the age of 40 years of age,

Should not nervous,

May be cardiac neurosis

The so-called cardiac neurosis,

Refers to the symptoms of angina can be similar,

But in fact the structure and function of the heart itself is not abnormal.

In other words,

The heart itself and the heart of healthy people without any distinction.

More common in young women,

Morbidity rate among men was slightly lower,

Simple terms it is similar to the symptoms of neurasthenia,

Can be accompanied by insomnia and dreaminess,

In short do not need special treatment,

More should not be overly nervous.


Do not need to see a doctor,

Relaxed state of mind can be,

Literally knock, and

Hope this helps.

I wish you good luck


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