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Doctors said that I 'heart motivation enough', this strict condition is not seri

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I am woman, 21, in school, will not affect the fertility ah?

What to do sports?

Be able to change right?

I have low blood pressure, also fainted several times

What eat a good diet?

Trouble to detail Well, thank you


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The little friend, on the heart and you talk. Cardiac power is not enough medical jargon, seems to be unduly influenced by advertising, "gastric motility" effect, but to say.

Heart failure (similar to the heart of power shortages), to conduct a comprehensive evaluation, we can come to, the normal healthy people, heart ejection fraction should be greater than 50% (systolic heart per minute pump out the blood volume / heart total memory), if less than 50%, 30% or even less, heart ejection function of a serious shortage will lead to reduction in arterial blood flow, blood pressure drop. A long period of low blood pressure, will accelerate atherosclerosis, heart, brain and kidney damage. So, should be actively treated.

From the Chinese point of view, belong to Heart Qi or effort virtual signs, there should be blood pairs of fill. You may be usually in pursuit of weight-loss, nutrition and insufficient. You can check out your body mass index (BMI), BMI = body weight (KG) / height (M) of the square, and then see if you are within a normal body mass index.


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